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Where can I find directions to Valley Vineyards?
You will find directions on our Directions page. You can get a printable map and driving directions from Google Maps.
Do you take reservations by email?
We do not currently take reservations by email. Please call us at 513.899.2485 to make your reservation.
Can I see a Weekend Cookout Menu?
Please visit our Weekend Cookouts page to see our menu.
How can I find a place to stay near Valley Vineyards?
Need a place to stay? Download this PDF for local accomodations information.

Local accomodations guide. Download or view local accomodations guide.
(Requires the free Adobe Reader)
Are guided or self-guided tours of your vineyards available?
There are no tours for the vineyard, however we do offer self-guided tours of our wine cellar during business hours.
Can I book a wedding or engagement party at the vineyard?
We do not offer facilities for weddings, however rehearsal and engagement parties are welcome year around!
What does "vintage" mean?
Vintage refers to the year the grapes were harvested. In order for a wine to be labeled as a specific vintage 75% of the grapes must have been picked that year.
What is ice wine and when should it be served?
Ice Wine is made by harvesting and pressing the grapes in December when they are frozen on the vine. This is done because the water in the grapes is the first part to freeze and, as a result, a more concentrated and sweeter juice is pressed out.
What does "estate grown" mean?
Estate grown means the wine is produced from a vineyard that is owned or controlled by the winery .
What does "appellation" mean?
Appellation describes the geographical location in which the grapes for a wine were grown. The appellation in which our vineyards are located is known as the Ohio River Valley Appellation.
What is unique about wines from the Ohio River Valley Appellation?
Grapes grown in the Ohio River Valley are higher in natural acidity, a desirable attribute in making fine wine. Many wine regions must artificially increase the acid levels of their wines.

What does it mean to let wine "breathe"? Is it important?
This means opening the bottle and leaving the cork out before serving. This process is important for red wines. Older wines need only 15-20 minutes while younger wines should be left to breathe for about an hour before serving.
How long will a bottle of wine remain drinkable after I open it?
After opening a bottle of wine, it will retain its quality for about 3-4 days as long as it is kept chilled.
What is the best way to store wine?
It is better to store wine on its side, out of direct sun light.
What are sulfites?
Sulfites are a preservative. All wines make some on their own, red wines having more.
What about wine glasses? Does the shape really make a difference?
It really does! The space left in the glass above the wine once it has been poured can be used to concentrate the aroma of the wine. Therefore, for less potent wines such as Vidal Blanc, you would use a glass with a smaller opening. For bubbly wines choose a tall, slender glass, as it helps the bubbles to last longer.
What are tartrates? What is floating in my wine?!
One of the by-products of tartaric acid (naturally occurring substance in grapes), tartrates are also called potassium bitartrate, cream of tartar (used in cooking), and tartar. Excess tartaric acid crystallizes during prolonged chilling of wine. These small, innocuous crystals can appear in wine unless thoroughly removed through the cold stabilization process. Tartrates aren't harmful and only impact the wine visually. In Germany, tartrates are called weinsteins ("wine stones").
How can I take your beer home?
Currently we offer growler as a way to enjoy Cellar Dweller beer at home.
What is a growler?
Our growler is a 64oz bottle in which to fill with your favorite beer and is available for purchase here in the tasting room.
Does your cook-out cater to vegetarians?
Although we do not have a vegetarian option, someone who does not eat steak or salmon is welcome to use their dinner ticket in exchange for an extra bottle of wine, while still helping themselves to the buffet.

October in the vineyards. A bright October day in our vineyards.

Ohio Quality Wines

The Ohio Quality Wines Seal Means Best Quality in Estate Grown Ohio Wines.

The Ohio Quality Wine Program was established by the Ohio Grape Industries Committee and the Ohio State University Agricultural Research and Development Center's Viticulture and Enology Programs to establish a rating system based on industry standards to identify the best estate-grown wines in Ohio. The wines that meet or exceed these criteria are designated as Ohio Quality Wines.