About Us - People & History
About Us - People & History

Valley Vineyards’ People

Ken Schuchter

Ken Schuchter, founder of Valley Vineyards, though technically retired, will forever be an integral part of the business. He brings his many years of wisdom and a personal charm to the heart and soul of Valley Vineyards.

Greg Pollman

Greg Pollman brings 30 years of experience to his role as head
winemaker at Valley Vineyards. His skill produces the award-winning
wines that have earned Valley Vineyards an international reputation for excellence.



Kenny Joe Schuchter

Kenny Joe Schuchter, President and second generation, oversees operations of the winery and the vineyards. Having a hand in planting our first vineyards when he was a child, Kenny appreciates the hard work that goes into producing fine wines from soil to bottle. His heart rooted in the history and a mind towards the future, Kenny has brought Valley Vineyards to the forefront of quality, estate grown wines from the Ohio River Valley Appellation.




Dodie Schuchter

Dodie Schuchter, Vice-President and wife of Kenny Joe, handles daily­ operations of the winery focusing on the tasting room and restaurant. Her commitment to excellence and warmth are reflected to all who visit the winery.

Joe Schuchter

Joe Schuchter is the third generation of Schuchters in the family wine business. After attending the University of Cincinnati, Joe came to the business focusing on marketing and sales. Joe works hand in hand with our industry partners and distributors.




Dreams, inspiration, tradition, luck & the people of Valley Vineyards

In 1969, Ken Schuchter dreamed of leaving his desk job behind and revitalizing the family farm in Warren County, Ohio. An agriculturalist suggested growing grapes because of the area’s distinguished 150 year wine history, favorable soil and climate conditions. It was an inspired idea since the Schuchter family included generations
of grape growers and wine makers going back to their origins in Austria, but it might not have resulted in a winery without a lucky mistake. Not realizing how much room grapes need to grow, Ken bought what he thought were enough vines for two acres. In reality he had enough vines to fill 20 acres. And so began Valley Vineyards.

Picture of Tiffany and Joe Schuchter.
Tiffany and Joe Schuchter.

Picture of Dodie, Kenny Joe, Ken (Grandpa) and Joe Schuchter.
Dodie, Kenny Joe, Ken (Grandpa) and Joe Schuchter.


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