About Us - Winery
About Us - Winery

From the Cellars of Valley Vineyards, introducing
Cellar Dweller Craft Beers

Cellar Dweller was conceived on a warm summer evening overlooking the vineyards at the Schuchter Family home. Following dinner and enjoying our wines, we realized we were forced to turn elsewhere for the beer. We at Valley Vineyards have created this line of craft beers for our family and friends. So please … enjoy!


Copperhead – American Pale Ale
The Dwellers signature! Fresh floral aromas and spice follow to a burst of citrus with a clean crisp finish on the palate.
OG=1.057, IBU=36.5, FG=1.012, SRM=7.8,
ABV 5.8%

Hoppy Poppy

Hoppy Poppy – India Pale Ale
This IPA is sure to please with its rich bourbon color, grapefruit aroma, fruity hop character, and dry clean finish.
OG=1.078, IBU=108.4, FG=1.012, SRM=5.0,
ABV 8.2%

Lookout Stout

Lookout Stout – Irish Dry Stout
Delicious notes of chocolate and roasted coffee come through on this dry stout. Hints of chicory and caramel round out the full lingering finish.
OG=1.068, IBU=24.4, FG=1.014, SRM=28.0,
ABV 6.8%

Orange VV

Orange VV – American Wheat
Our American Wheat begins with a smooth medium-bodied malt flavor, then rounds out with a refreshing hint of fresh orange zest.
OG=1.045, IBU=16.6, FG=1.015, SRM=3.2,
ABV 4.4%

Dead Dweller

Dead Dweller – English Ale
A local favorite! Soft sensual mouth feel gives way to flavors of espresso and peanut intermingling in the finish.
OG=1.071, IBU=37.8, FG=1.013, SRM=11.0,
ABV 5.5%

Cellar Blues

Cellar Blues – American Light
A refreshing light ale for anytime of year, this easy drinking beer is perfect for friendly family gatherings.
OG=1.046, IBU=10.9, FG=1.007, SRM=3.4,
ABV 4.7%


Shawesome – Black IPA
Bright citrus aroma hopping out of the glass. The taste starts off with a mix of smooth fruity hops mixing with dark roasted malts, follows through to a finish that is balanced with the beefiness of malt and alcohol.
OG=1.073, IBU=106.8, FG=1.015, SRM=29.4, ABV 7.6%

Tasting Room
Questions? steve@valleyvineyards.com

The Tasting Room is open every day. We offer cheese trays and homemade pizzas to accompany your tasting experience.

Monday to Wednesday: 11 am – 6 pm
Thursday: 11 am – 10 pm
Friday and Saturday: 11 am – 4 pm
Sunday: 1 pm – 6 pm

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